Institutional Development Plan



As part of the implementation of National Education Policy-2020

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1.0 Institutional Basic Information
1.1 Institutional Profile
1.2 Institutional SWOC Analysis
2.0 Institutional Development Plan
2.1 Vision of Institution
2.2 Mission of Institution
2.3 Institutional Goals and Objectives
2.4 Executive Summary
2.5 Road map for Faculty Development
2.6 Pedagogical Changes in Teaching & Learning
2.7 Research, Development, Innovation & Extension of Teachers
2.8 Industry-Academia Relationship
2.9 Roadmap of Institution’s Placement Scenario
2.10 Accreditations & Certifications
2.11 Incubation and Start-ups
2.12 Involvement of Alumni Association
2.13 Instructional Basic Infrastructure Development plan
2.14 Skill Development of Non-teaching Staff
2.15 Initiatives for Students’ Multi Dimensional Growth
2.16 Other Initiatives for Growth of Students & Institutuion

1.0 Institutional Basic Information

1.1 Institutional Profile

Name of the Institution SDJ International College, Vesu, Surat
Affiliating University Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat
Head of the Institution Dr. Aditi S Bhatt
Contact Details


(O) 8799679215

College Website



Courses Offered B.Com, BBA, BCA, M.Com, MMS, MSc (Computer Applications)
Type of Affiliation Temporary Affiliation
IQAC Coordinator Dr. Vaibhav Desai vaibhav.sdjic@gmail.com
Coordinator – Morning Department Dr. Jaydeepsinh Rathod jaydeepsinh.sdjic@gmail.com
Coordinator – Afternoon Department & HoD BCA Department Dr. Vimal Vaiwala vimal.sdjic@gmail.com
HoD B.Com Department Dr. Chinmay Modi chinmay.sdjic@gmail.com
HoD BBA Department Dr. Milind Parekh milind.sdjic@gmail.com
Vocational Course Coordinator Dr. Nidhi Desai nidhi.sdjic@gmail.com
Office Superintendent Mr. Tejas Patel tejas.sdjic@gmail.com
GSIRF Ranking *** NIRF Ranking
Financial Status Self Financed Institution
Under NEP 2020 the institution would want to become:
  1. Permanently Affiliated Institution of VNSGU as per Section
  2. Autonomous degree granting College.
  3. Commencement as Private University

1.2 Institutional SWOC Analysis

  • Strength
    • Established Reputation
    • Large Student Base
    • Diverse Range of Programs
    • Prime Locations
  • Weakness
    • Insufficient Land
    • Staff Dependency
    • High Dependence on Local Market
  • Opportunities
    • New Course Offerings
    • University Establishment
    • Skill Based Vocational Education
    • Research and Collaboration
  • Challenges
    • Regulatory Changes
    • Changing Demographics
    • Economic Factors
    • Technological Advances

2.0 Institutional Development Plan

2.1 - Vision of Institution

  • To provide an education that transforms students through conventional, practical and research based teaching by providing an understanding of the need of the society and industries.

2.2 Mission of Institution

  • To be a vibrant and innovative centre for education.

  • To equip students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream.

  • To cultivate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential.

  • To shape the students into good citizens, future leaders, entrepreneurs, and above all good human beings.

2.3 - Institutional Goals and Objectives

  • To provide Excellence in Academia.

  • To attain all the relevant Accreditations and Certifications.

  • To develop world class state of the art infrastructure for students as well as faculties.

  • To establish Global Engagement for all the stakeholders of Institution.

  • To develop Industry Academia Integration.

  • To conduct more and more Student-Centric Initiatives.

  • To fulfill Social Responsibility and give it back to the society.

  • To provide Alumni Engagement and Support.

2.4 - Executive Summary

Established in 2012, SDJ International College has grown from its modest beginnings as a self-financed institution affiliated with VNSGU, Surat. Initially offering B Com, BBA & BCA courses with 200 students and 5 faculties, the college has experienced remarkable expansion, currently serving a diverse student body of almost 7500 and introducing master's courses such as MCom, MMS & MSc CA.

Earning a reputation as one of the top colleges in Surat District and South Gujarat, our commitment to educational excellence propels us forward. In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we are strategically planning for the NAAC accreditation cycle, aiming for certifications like ISO, GSIRF, and NIRF to further underscore our commitment to quality education.

Looking ahead, our vision is comprehensive. We envision introducing new courses to meet evolving industry demands, expanding and upgrading our infrastructure, and securing a prominent position in national academic rankings. The aspiration to transition into a private university is on the horizon, reflecting our dedication to providing cutting-edge education and fostering an environment conducive to research and innovation.

Our Institutional Development Plan meticulously outlines strategies for global collaborations, research initiatives, and holistic student development. We aim to create an ecosystem that not only nurtures academic excellence but also encourages entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and a global perspective. As we embark on this transformative journey, our goal is not just to educate but to empower and shape future leaders.

2.5 - Road map for Faculty Development

  • Short Term
    • Training Workshops on Pedagogical Techniques
    • Subject-Specific Skill Enhancement
    • Mentorship Programs for New Faculty
  • Medium Term:
    • Advanced Professional Development Programs
    • International Collaborations and Exchanges
    • Integration of Research into Teaching
  • Long Term:
    • Leadership Development Programs
    • Establishment of a Faculty Excellence Center

2.6 - Pedagogical Changes in Teaching & Learning

  • Short Term
    • Introduction of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)
    • Faculty Development Programs
    • Student Engagement Initiatives
  • Medium Term:
    • Curriculum Restructuring and Interdisciplinary Courses
    • Global Collaborations and Exchange Programs
    • Assessment and Accreditation Readiness
  • Long Term:
    • Research and Innovation Centers
    • Expansion of Infrastructure for Blended Learning
    • Private University Establishment

2.7 - Research, Development, Innovation & Extension of Teachers

  • Short Term
    • Research Workshops and Seminars
    • Initiation of Small-scale Research Projects
    • Professional Development in Innovation
  • Medium Term:
    • Establishment of a Research Center
    • International Collaborations and Funding
    • Integration of Research into Teaching
  • Long Term:
    • Ph.D. Programs and Research Degrees
    • Innovation and Incubation Center
    • Extension Services and Community Engagement

2.8 - Industry-Academia Relationship

  • Short Term
    • Establishment of Industry Advisory Boards
    • Internship and Placement Enhancement
    • Skill Development Workshops by Industry Experts
  • Medium Term:
    • Industry-Centric Curriculum Development
    • Joint Research and Development Projects
    • International Industry Partnerships
  • Long Term:
    • Industry-Institution Innovation Hub
    • Establishment of Corporate Training Programs Series
    • Formation of Industry-Academia Trust

2.9 - Roadmap of Institution’s Placement Scenario

  • Short Term
    • Placement Readiness Programs
    • Industry Networking Events
    • Internship Tie-ups
  • Medium Term:
    • Enhancement of Placement Cell
    • Industry-Specific Skill Development
    • Alumni Engagement for Placements
  • Long Term:
    • Global Placement Opportunities
    • Establishment of a Career Development Center
    • Entrepreneurship and Start-up Support

2.10 - Accreditations & Certifications

  • Short Term
    • Internal Quality Assurance Systems
    • Annual Application for GSIRF and NIRF Certification
    • ISO Certification Preparation
    • Faculty Training on Accreditation Criteria
  • Medium Term:
    • NAAC Accreditation Readiness Programs
    • Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives
    • NAAC Accreditation Planning
  • Long Term:
    • Apply for Autonomous Status
    • Establishment as Private University

2.11 - Incubation and Start-ups

  • Short Term
    • Incubation Center Establishment
    • Entrepreneurship Awareness Programs
    • Networking Events
  • Medium Term:
    • Curriculum Integration for Entrepreneurship
    • Seed Funding and Grants
    • Industry-Linked Incubation Programs
  • Long Term:
    • Expansion of Incubation Ecosystem
    • Establishment of a Technology Transfer Office
    • Global Collaboration for Start-up Exchange

2.12 - Involvement of Alumni Association

  • Short Term
    • Establishment of an Alumni Database
    • Alumni Networking Events
    • Feedback Mechanisms
  • Medium Term:
    • Alumni Mentorship Programs
    • Alumni Guest Lectures and Workshops
    • Career Placement Support
  • Long Term:
    • Alumni Endowment and Scholarships
    • Global Alumni Chapters
    • Alumni-Driven Research Initiatives

2.13 - Instructional Basic Infrastructure Development plan

  • Short Term
    • Technology Integration in Classrooms
    • Library Expansion and Digitization
    • Labs and Practical Facilities Upgrade
  • Medium Term:
    • Smart Campus Development
    • Infrastructure for New Courses
    • Environmental Sustainability Measures
  • Long Term:
    • Campus Expansion and Master Planning
    • Research and Innovation Centers

2.14 - Skill Development of Non-teaching Staff

  • Short Term
    • Training Workshops and Programs
    • Digital Literacy and Technology Training
    • Cross-Functional Training Initiatives
  • Medium Term:
    • Advanced Training in Specialized Areas
    • Certification Programs and Professional Development
    • Cross-Functional Training Initiatives
  • Long Term:
    • Leadership and Management Training
    • Succession Planning and Talent Development

2.15 - Initiatives for Students’ Multi Dimensional Growth

  • Short Term
    • Holistic Student Development Programs
    • Sports and Cultural Initiatives
    • Skill-Based Workshops and Certifications
    • Career Counseling and Guidance
  • Medium Term:
    • Experiential Learning Opportunities
    • Community Engagement and Social Responsibility
  • Long Term:
    • Global Exposure Programs
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub
    • Leadership and Mentorship Programs

2.16 - Other Initiatives for Growth of Students & Institution

  • Short Term
    • Student Support Services Enhancements
    • Digital Transformation Initiatives
    • Quality Improvement in Existing Programs
  • Medium Term:
    • Industry-Academia Collaboration Expansion
    • Establishment of Centers of Excellence
    • Global Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Long Term:
    • Institutional Autonomy and Accreditation
    • Research and Innovation Ecosystem
    • Alumni Endowment and Engagement