Wall Of Fame

Wall Of Fame

External college event : PRAYUDH by DRB College (Jan'24)

Name of the college fest: PRAYUDH 2024


Date: 27/01/2024

Impetus'24 (Jan'24)

Name of the college event: Impetus 2024

Organized by & Venue:  Shri Shambhubhai V. Patel College of Computer Science and Business Management, Surat.

Date: 20/01/2024

External College Event : Fusion 3.0 by Agrawal Vidhya Vihar, Surat (Jan'24)

Name of the college fest: Fusion 3.0

Organized by & Venue:  Agarwal Vidhya Vihar college, Surat

Date: 11/01/2024

Day 1 of Youth Festival'24 (Jan'24)

Mimicry (Rank 1st and 2nd Rank) - Aman Verma and Gopi Vora

Folk Song (1st Rank) - Hetvi Patel

Ramotsav Rangoli Competition (VNSGU) Jan'24

Name of the event: Ramotsav Rangoli Competition

Organized by & Venue:  Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat

Date: 20/01/2024

Fusion 3.0

Agarwal Vidhya Vihar College in Surat organized Fusion 3.0, during which the BGMI LAN TOURNAMENT took place. Within this gaming competition, JAY MORBIYA and YUVAL SHAH, both SYBBA students, secured an admirable 3rd position.

External Event : Mindstorm'24 (DRB College) Jan'24

Name of the college fest: Mindstorm 2024

Organized by & Venue:  C B Patel Computer College, Surat

Date: 06/01/2024